Holding off of investing in picking up your Spanish?

If the answer is yes, and if you have something to exchange for Spanish classes quid pro quo, fill out the form below.

We are open to your ideas of what you would like to offer, and we ask that you be as specific as possible (e.g. "In exchange for a Weekly course, I can research Boston-area cultural events of interest to Spanish language learners, and I will send in a list weekly on Mondays by noon.  This list will include a variety of no less than six events [i.e. not all movies, or all music], and I will include a brief description of the event, as well as the time, date, and locations.  Lastly, the list will also have two or three links to images related to the event [i.e. a picture of the musician].").

Also, as we have been burned in the past, we receive students' ends of the barter prior to registering for a course.  

BASE personnel may be seeking the following, but ideas/proposals are welcome:

  • Are you an experienced language instructor, and you have a projects of interest to develop?

  • Do you have interesting artwork?

  • Are you talented with website design?

  • Are you skillful managing social media?

  • Do you do house/office cleaning?

  • Are you a skilled business consultant?

  • Could you offer dance classes?

  • Do you have a musical instrument up for grabs? Are you a talented music teacher?

  • Do you have a B&B or a ski condo?

  • Is teaching downhill and/or cross-country skiing among your skills?

  • Are you a pottery instructor or do you have pieces of interest?

  • There may be a project of interest that BASE needs help with, contact us to let us know what your background and what your detailed ideas are.


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