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Private classes are one-to-one, and semi-private courses are up to three students that share compatible levels, needs, schedules, and learning styles.  Location, intensity, duration, dates and schedules for private classes are determined according to your convenience.  Depending on these factors, tuition may range as low as $25 per hour of semi-private classes (up to three participants).  

"Peak schedule" is when there is limited instructor availability, which varies from course period to course period, but it is typically mornings and 5-9p Monday through Thursday.  

Private classes in a peak schedule at BASE may be conveniently purchased using the button below. Please also complete the form on this page.

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If you wish to consider a specific non-peak schedule, if you need a specific number of hours/sessions that doesn't appear among the options you’ll have seen using the above button, and/or if you need Spanish classes (or Portuguese classes or Arabic classes, etc.) at a location other than BASE's Downtown Crossing location, we're happy to accommodate! Please complete the form on this page to request a proposal specified to your needs.

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Please provide us with your language learning background if applicable. What language/s have you learned? If in a formal setting, how long ago and for how long? Have you lived and or traveled overseas? If so, where, how long and how long ago?
Will you need your classes held at BASE? If not, what is an exact address or landmark near where you need to hold classes?
(i.e. two 1.5-hr sessions weekly)
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Desired Start Date
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Are you available anytime? Only daytime? Only Tuesdays after 7p?