Course Terms


COURSE REGISTRATION TERMS - Last updated April 18th, 2018

 Unless otherwise communicated prior to the start of your course, Boston Area Spanish Exchange - BASE (the School) and you (the registered Student) agree to the following:

1. The School guarantees quality Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic as a Foreign Language instruction and conversational opportunities.

2. The maximum number of students in the Small-Group Program is eight to twelve depending on classroom size and level.  Avanzado courses have a maximum of eight.

3. a. The School may postpone the start date or cancel courses if the minimum number of students has not been reached.

3. b. 5:30 class start times may be adjusted by up to 45 minutes if logistics require.  Some classes may take place at another Downtown location within walking distance if logistics require. 

4. Payment of tuition will reserve the Student a seat in a level-specific course schedule selected from the options specified by the Student upon completing the on-line registration.

5. The School reserves the right to withdraw the Student in the event that inappropriate conduct deem such action.

6. The Student is responsible for the expenses of class materials.

7. The School reserves the right to place the Student in a different group at any time in order to enhance group compatibility; the Student will communicate to the School if course placement is believed inaccurate.

8. The School reserves the right to fill the Student’s seat in a Small Group for an ensuing course period if tuition has not been paid in full by two weeks prior to the starting date of the course.

9. Adjustments to the curriculum may be made in agreement with the School, instructors, and all members of a particular Small Group.

10. The curriculum may change depending of the interest of the entire group.

11. a. Although flexibility with the curriculum is possible, the goals of the Small Group are to enhance verbal skills.

11. b. The School's expectations with regard to the Student's preparation outside of class are to be communicated with each particular group.

12. Course schedule confirmations will be sent by the middle of the week prior to the start of courses.  The Student will assure that BASE emails from the domains and are not filtered.


 1. Tuition is non-refundable, and in some cases tuition may be credited to the ensuing course period.  

2. If point 11.a. from the aforementioned points is not executed, full reimbursement (100%) of the tuition will be made; tuition is non-refundable in the event that the Student does not fulfill the expectations (see 11.b.) to be determined accordingly.

3. In the event that the Student misses a class, at the Student's request the School will make every effort to find a schedule during the same course period in which the Student may observe if not participate in a class at the same or similar level.

4. In the event that the Student is unable to complete a course, the School will aid in finding a replacement for the Student's seat in the group. Only if successful will the School be in the condition to refund or credit the remaining classes.

5. In the event of an electronic refund requested by the Student, the 4% electronic payment processing fee as well as the 4% processing fee for electronic refunds will be deducted from the total refund.